Grandma’s 79th Bday

My 婆婆 (Poh Poh) or mother’s mom (aka grandma) turned 79 a few weeks ago. We went out to a really great restaurant out in the city and I took a few obligatory shots =)

Stirfry Fish with Scallions. If you have never tried Cantonese Stir Fry fish, it’s amazing. Go out to Chinatown and order yourself a plate.

Oysters with XO sauce. Delicious.

A plate of vegetarian fried rice. Mmhmm.

A bowl of braised lamb I think. It came out on mini wok and still cooking and on fire. I love the creativity of Cantonese chefs.

And the pistachio ice cream cake we got her. She loves pistachios – it’s pretty crazy how many of them she can eat haha.

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