A Night in Princeton

Last night my girlfriend and I went to Princeton to have dinner. I picked her up from work and we walked over to Mediterra Restaurant on Hulfish Street. Unfortunately for us, someone had booked out the entire restaurant inside and the only seats available were outside. We aren’t the type to eat outside so we ended up going to Macaroni Grill which is equally delicious.

Even though I wasn’t able to walk around Princeton for a nice photoshoot, I was able to capture a few shots that I really liked.

I really liked this one and how the picture came out. It was really vintage looking.

The next picture reminded me of inner city 1960s

And finally this one – reminded me of a photo I saw in a recent wedding photography blog.

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  1. alice g Reply

    i am one of your students well, ms. gorimsh’s student actually. Great photos.

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